• Christmas Party 2009!

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  • The earthquake had been a magical attack, limited to that one room.

    You know how we do! Join us for our “Christmas Shoes” party. Dress as your favorite shoe or inspired by your shoes. Here is a little video promo to help get you pumped!

  • Muchtabulous at it again…

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    Posted on November 19th, 2009, 4:04 pm by Muchtabulus

    So, we just closed our series “The Thin Green Line”. We talked about the thin line that separates our heart from our money. Muchtabulous created a hit song for the occasion, back from his famed “Cribs” episode from last year…

  • Kiva: Using the Internet to Revolutionize the World

    We just started a new theme in 1|99 that explores giving. Each week we are highlighting an organization that is worthy of our giving. The first organization we highlighted is Kiva. Kiva demonstrates all the good that is possible with the growth of the internet. It is a very simple idea, invest as little as $25 in those who have need for help, then they pay you back and you give again. The organization is genius. You can also get gift cards to provide to friends and family so they can give. It’s a great Christmas present idea! Check out the organizations story and explore the website here… www.kiva.org

  • Rhythm With Each Other

    We are closing our rhythm series discussing our need to be in rhythm with each other to be in rhythm with ourselves and with God. This video shows one way we can be in rhythm with each other. The actual instructions used for this video can be found here… Dance Instructions. Enjoy!

  • Rhythm of Fayetteville

    So we looked for rhythm around Fayetteville and this is what we found!

  • Rhythm

    Rhythm is our new series for 1|99. We kicked it off last night exploring the rhythm of God’s creation. There is a rhythm to our relationship with God, our relationships with each other, and our relationship with ourselves. Check out this video exploring rhythm…
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  • Gudin stayed to watch the sergeant light the fuses, then he spurred away from his doomed fort. His memories were still too chaotic to provide her with anything useful.
  • Rolling in money, he began his new life by buying a half-million-dollar house for cash and tooling into the parking lot in a brand-new Jaguar.

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    An idea occurred to him and he promptly communicated it to Colonel Newcomb.

  • I am determined to have my one happy evening without being docked of any of it, and I could not come down in my own frock. He'll say we haven't got a case with the woman, which as a matter of fact we don't unless we come up with something from Hamilton's car, or unless the party or parties who hired him come forward, which is what I call the Fat Chance Department.
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  • The Mosh Pit

    IMG_0694Got to see Skillet with some of the kids at The Tabernacle on Sunday. The Tabernacle is one of my favorite music venues. It was a great night as Skillet really brought it. Toward the end of their show a mosh pit broke out. Moshing, or slam dancing, started in the late 1970s to early 1980s. The idea is that the music inspires an energy that causes a response of violently slamming into each other. It is almost tribal. This is a ritual that I do not understand. Almost every time they break out, the people involved just look stupid and someone always gets hurt. Usually it is a spectator on the outside.

    We are about to start a new series in 1|99 called “Rhythm”. I do not see any rhythm to what happens in a mosh pit. If you want to hit and slam into other people, go play a sport like football or rugby.

  • Gotta love dogs!

    Thanks to one of our Solomon’s Porch leaders, Penny Erbe, for sending this to me!

  • Kanye West… Heartless? (Part II)

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  • vmaABThe Kanye instance at the VMAs raises a lot of great discussion topics. As much as I believe Taylor Swift is talented, it IS very odd for a country artist to receive an MTV moonman. Has that ever happened? Isn’t that what CMT is for? Granted she is “pop country”, but still… The bigger questions for me involve why there is even an event for music video awards seeing as no one ever shows videos anymore? I miss the days when MTV was truly music television and played music videos 90% of the time. I also think the whole awards concept in the arts is pretty pointless. Why can’t they just have a celebration event each year with a funny host, amazing live acts, and celebrate their art together without awards? I think it would still get viewers.

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  • He opened his eyes and smiled crookedly, then patted the hand on his elbow. The Imperial administration at Sigma Draconis is trying to carry on, but you're the only one even trying to implement its directives .
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  • Kanye West… Heartless? (Part I)

    Posted on September 14th, 2009, 9:55 pm by Muchtabulus

    So Kanye made a spectacle of himself, again, last night at the VMAs. He interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech. I found out after reading at least 30 Facebook statuses expressing hate and rage toward Kanye West. I went and watched the clip to see what created such a response. It was pretty rude and a classless thing to do, but… really? Is this really worthy of all national news, the top twitter topic, and the focus of anger of many of my friends? Yesterday approximately 29,000 children died due to preventable diseases. I have yet to see that stat ever presented on national news. Joseph Kony and the LRA continue to displace tens of thousands weekly from their homes, turn children into killers, and murder and pillage as they see fit. Kony has never led twitter topics, and sad to say have not seen any anger of my friends regarding him represented on Facebook. There are so many more things going on in the world worthy of our anger and attention. What is the deal with our society? What does it say about us that this kind of thing gets so much attention?

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  • The pull of the ring was a force against which I had continually to fight as I walked along the beach, first paralleling the platform and then away from it.
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